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Muriel Anderson - Concert Review
by Cindy Snuggs

     As I sat in the front row impatiently waiting for Muriel Anderson to come out and begin her concert at Saint Patrick's Episcopal Church, I had no idea what to expect. She was introduced and then this lovely little creature came out and adjusted herself on stage. I had just washed my hands with her in the bathroom and said nothing, not knowing what she looked like.

   Then she began to play the guitar. Slowly at first, the most unique sounds filling the room. I was enthralled, then daunted, being a beginner myself. Her finger playing was so fast, at times, that I couldn't begin to pick out what she was actually playing before she was on to the next piece. How thrilling it was and yet I was becoming even more doubtful of my own accomplishments. Then I realized that I would never be her or play her style of playing. I relaxed and just appreciated her talents in music and her amazing sense of humor. 

  She played a harp guitar next, which I had never seen, much less heard and it was phenomenal! At the very least, she is an eye-opener and a great entertainer. At the most, she is extremely exceptional at what she does. She played a new song for the audience to listen to and come back with a title of what it reminded them of. I listened to the responses, but never said that it reminded me of falling leaves and old memories floating in the wind, after all, what kind of title is that? Then she revealed she was calling it "Dandelions" and I thought how unfitting it was. Then I remembered that they turn into cream puffs and blow away in the how fitting it was after all, I smiled.

  I would like to brag and say that I had such a good ear, that I could pick out her off notes, but to tell the truth she gave it away herself with a wry look every time. She may want to practice her poker face.

  Anyway, YES!! She is human and a very lovable one at that.

Cindy Snuggs
Beginner Guitar Student
Rufty-Holmes Senior Center
Salisbury, NC

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