Thursday, May 15, 2014

Guitar / A Life Lesson

Guitar Strings are a lot like our Lives

Playing guitar is in many ways a life lesson. The strings of the guitar are connected to the instrument, but they also each have to be tuned well for the instrument to play and sound harmonically correct. If only one string is out of tune, then it affects the sound of the whole instrument. 

So it is with our lives. If one area of our life is out of step or tune with the rest, it affects the whole. I'm studying a seven-part series now on having our lives transformed, and it integrates the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, as well as relational, financial & vocational.

This is so true. If we neglect our bodies, our minds and emotions suffer as well. If we do not open our minds to learn, we feel empty and unfulfilled. If we harbor bad feelings of resentment or hatred in our hearts, our whole life is affected in a negative way. 

This life is definitely a system of parts, connected together and functioning as a whole. That's the way that God made us, and that's the way we have to approach our lives.

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